Privacy Policy

Your users' privacy is of the utmost concern for us at Fount. Vote only stores what information is absolutely necessary for it to function and Fount will NEVER share ANY of your users' information or messages with third parties.


In order to eliminate the risk of unwanted disclosures of your users' personal information, we have taken several precautions during the development of Vote. These include:

Zero Authorization Voting

Simple, anonymous voting with the Vote app utilizes Slack's message button APIs. This approach requires *NO* authorization from your users and therefore cannot access their personal information or messages. No access means no risk.

The only authorization ever required to use Vote is for setting up the /vote command when the app is initially installed for your team.

Zero Persistence of Personally Identifiable Information

There is no personally identifiable information ever persisted for any of your users. The only information ever persisted for Vote is the vote topic metadata along with the personally unidentifiable vote responses (to prevent duplicate votes).